Hoist – Forefront Dance Company, UCS

by rachelcherry11

Hoist is a modular construction that people can pick up and move around to create their own constellation. Each box has a personal and unique story to tell, which each visitor can use to create their own story, changing how the boxes relate to each other in the space.

The piece premieres on wednesday 28th March 2012 as part of Spring Forward, an evening of work by (BA (Hons) Dance in the Community Students. The performance takes place in the Arts Building at University Campus Suffolk, 7.30pm

Inspiration for boxes

Viki Simpson


My reluctance to have my portrait taken inspired this series of images. By hiding in the darkness I am escaping the lens, but the flash always finds me.

Jenny Last 

Photographer- Charlotte Brooker

Who’s watching you?

My pictures involve the idea of being watched. Some draw attention to the eyes, and some show me looking away as if I don’t realise there is someone looking, as though there could be somebody looking at you without you noticing.

Charlotte J Brooker

Photographer – Jenny Last

Am I happy?

How do you know if someone is happy with their life?

I told myself, if I have everything I needed would I be in complete happiness?

A smile hides so many emotions but does it mean that somebody is happy?

When you pass people daily, do they appear happy or contented?

Is happiness an emotion……. only briefly felt, not a constant state. This is my conclusion.

Danielle Cooke

Photographer Bethany- Rose Taylor

My theme is racism. I want to show in my pictures that everyone is equal no matter what skin colour they have.

In my pictures I have shown sadness that relates to me being bullied because of race, in the past.


Bethany – Rose Taylor

Photographer Danielle Cooke

My theme shows that on the outside I am a wild, cheerful, confident girl, yet on the inside, I am quite shy and easily intimidated. This is shown within the images by the way my body is positioned and my facial expression is demonstrated.

Sarah Gilson

Photographer – Adrian Cramer

In these photographs I was thinking about hiding different parts of my face. I did this with my hand and my hair.

The final composition consists of four photos of movement; the fifth image is a blurred version of this.

Sarah Griggs

Photographer – Emma Voller

 My theme relates to how I cope under pressure. I wanted my images to show myself both hiding from and holding back from pressure. I am trying to look frustrated and nervous.

Eleanor Whitmore

Photographer – Viki Simpson

My theme is solitude, I have shown this by taking the pictures in a blacked out corner. I also used a variety of different distances to show being isolated from everything around.

Anna Lovatt

Self-portrait/Catherine Clissett

The theme I explored with my photos is the idea of slowly revealing yourself. The idea stemmed from how I act when I first meet people and I begin to slowly come out of my shell.

I tried to portray it in the way my hands and face are hidden at first and slowly creep out into the focus of the photo.

Catherine Clissett

Photographer- Anna Lovatt/ Demi Milton

My intention was to capture my inner emotion through movement. I dislike showing my face on photos, so I decided to try and capture this by turning around to show my back. Here the movement of the hair became important in capturing the emotion in movement.

Lara Humphreys

Photographer -Penny Iles

My theme was pieces. I wanted to explore using different compositional elements, such as close ups and cropping, cutting the face and hands so that only parts were shown at a time. The box almost becomes a jigsaw, with pieces that form part of a whole.

Emma Voller

Photographer – Sarah Griggs

 I explored using unusual viewpoints to take abstract photographs of myself, conveying hidden identity. My identity is in each photograph but the viewer has to look closer to be able to identify me.

Penny Iles

Photographer – Lara Humphreys

My theme throughout is ‘Hidden’. More specifically, with the glasses I was thinking about the idea that ‘I can see you but you can’t see me’. I also found the transparency of the glasses interesting – in terms of seeing though people – going beyond appearances (or the fact that I might think I’m hiding but perhaps in reality it is only up to a point); and also the reflection. I suppose it’s all connected to the element of mystery – not giving it all away and leaving something to the imagination

Hannah Ridley

Photographer- Ben Turnham

I took the idea from a random photo, which was taken during a discussion, my head was leaning on my hand which was hiding part of my face. We then played with the idea of hiding and peeping through a stretched scarf and slowly unveiling from behind it.

Ben Turnham

Photographer – Hannah Ridley

These photographs are inspired by ‘Family Tree’ by Zhang Huan. The photo’s take you on a visual journey into the progression of a person who is becoming more and more distressed and shows a darkened view around the theme of crying. As the tears begin to add in the focus is slowly drawn away from the lens suggesting a sense of retreating and isolation.

Adrian Cramer

Photographer- Sarah Gilson

My piece was based on the idea of matching emotions with body signals, what reactions would I signal when the selected emotion is applied E.g. If I’ve been insulted I would make the facial and body motions to portray the effect on myself.